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Employee Details Employee Details Mitrefinch Human Resources Software enables human resources to store and manage details and documents pertaining to each individual employee.

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In order to achieve the objectives as stated above, HRM must perform certain functions.

Advance hrm

Generally, it is said that to achieve the organizational objectives, retailers must set up a proper correlation between the objectives and the functions.

Usually a particular set of functions helps realize specific objectives. All the employees of that shop report to him or her.


Be it strategic decision or day-to-day operations of the establishment are taken by the proprietor. Further, the number of functional areas also varies from company to company according to nature, size and merchandise offering.

Following are the common human resource functions, any typical retail organization will be having: Job analysis and job design 2. Managerial relations These Advance hrm human resource areas and their associated functions share the common objectives of an adequate number of competent employees with the abilities, experience, knowledge and skills required for fulfilling organizational goals.

Though a human resource function can be assigned to one of the seven areas of human responsibility, some functions serve a variety of objectives. Similarly, compensation and benefits function facilitates retention, training and development and also serves to have cordial labor and managerial relations.

These human resource functions are expressed as under: Job analysis and job design: Job analysis is the process of describing the operations, duties and responsibilities of the job.

Advance hrm

In order to recruit retail employees on a scientific and rational basis, it becomes necessary to determine in advance a standard of personnel with which interested candidate can be compared.

This standard must establish the minimum acceptable qualities necessary for the accomplishment of tasks by retail employees. Simple stated, the process through which these qualitative requirements standards are determined is known as Job analysis.

Various experts have defined Job Analysis as under: In the words of Edwin B. In the words of John A. According to Michael J. The process provides information about what the job involves and what human features are essential to carry out these activities.

This information becomes vital to decide what sort of people to recruit and hire. The data derived from job analysis process is beneficial for estimating the value and appropriate compensation for each job.

HRM Functions: 7 Major Functions of HRM (With Diagram)

This ultimately provides the base for determining the relative worth of each job so that each job should be properly classified.

Hence, job analysis is a data collection function performed by the HR department that includes the following steps: The above mentioned steps are discussed as under:Advanced Human Resource Management Certificate On This Page.

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