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African american writing services

Some believe that every utterance of nigger, in any form, is a type of hate speech which continues to be a constant reminder of a time when African Americans were treated so cruelly and disgracefully. If African American young adults and other races use this term solely as friendly speech with no racial or hateful intentions, then this slang term should not be taken offensively.

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Slang is the common language of popular culture and used often among people in their teens and twenties. Young adults use it for self-expression whereas older people may use slang out of habit. However, when certain people hear this harmless use of nigga in a slang manner, their emotions are stirred due to the fact that the word has such an awful history.

This topic has come up recently in the media because of its casual use by Jennifer Lopez, a well-liked singer, in one of her popular songs. Lopez has not commented on her song or the controversy surrounding her choice of words, but it is evident that her use of this popular slang term is not obviously friendly but it is definitely not hateful either.

They explain that these words are being expressed with no ill intent whatsoever and are solely spoken for the intention of self-expression through slang.

Young adults who hear and use nigga are not offended and do not intend to offend anyone because the terms are not viewed as racial slurs.

african american writing services

Supporters would also point out that African Americans use the terms themselves and it is found commonly in their urban music. It is not a secret that nigga is used frequently and liberally in popular culture and can be found in two popular media outlets for young adults, which are movies and rap music.

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These two media are so widely advertised and marketed to young people, how is it possible that a casual term, which is found so commonly in the hip hop industry, be considered a racial slur and how can people take offense when the language is picked up and used.

People supporting the use of this word as a slang term do not understand why it is viewed as socially destructive when a non-black person uses it.They are the famous African-American writers who have fearlessly examined cultural stigmas, provided intimate life details, presented new ideas and created remarkable fiction through literary works.

African American women leaders between and The experiences of African American women leaders between and were diverse and rooted into strong racial awareness. As many historians have studied a lot of black women contributions during this period but were not seen and recognized as a part of history.

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african american writing services
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