Age of innocence coursework

Exposition and other mechanics Joice Title: In addition, in the beginning chapters Archer delivers the flowers to May, the lilies of the valley, which represent innocence and they blossom in the month of May.

Age of innocence coursework

Although Ellen had a strange taste in clothing, she still carried herself in a very sophisticated manner. Society never got to Ellen.

Age of innocence coursework

May is the soon to be wife of Newland Archer. When we meet May Welland, we see her as a very innocent girl and sweet girl. She has been brought up this way so that she would conform to society. We see here, in the way newland describes May, that she is a very innocent, young looking woman.

Her looks give off the impression that she is also very clueless.

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Like stated in the first point, every trait that May hashas been worked on in her up bringing. Everything she is, is exactly what society wants.

Despite the fact that May is very innocent and sweet, she is not as clueless as society thinks. She is able to manipulate matters in order to protect her marriage. She also knows he will not leave her once he realizes she is pregnant and that Ellen would not let him even consider doing such a thing.

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For you see, Newland. A determination is revealed as she works to defend the things she loves. A dilettante is a person who claims an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge. Newland Archer himself is a dilettante.

Unlike some characters in the novel who are very serious about their participation in New York society, Newland believes he is above it. After the arrival of Countess Ellen Olenska, Newland was forced to re-evaluate his life.

He begins to think differently about his soon to be wife. And suddenly the play of the word flashed up a wild suggestion.

Age of innocence coursework

What if it were she who was dead! If she were going to die—to die soon—and leave him free!

Ellen gives Newland the sense of adventure that he has been longing for, this is causing him to become unhappy with May. He believes that May is merely a creation of the New York society. At various points throughout the novel, Newland shows that he is very contempt, especially when it comes to Ellen Olenska.

The three characters I have described above challenge, but also follow the strict order of the New York society.

Choose Type of service.The Age of Innocence is the novel of Edith Wharton’s maturity in which she contemplates the New York of her youth, a society now extinct and even then under threat. She was born in into the exclusive, entrenched and apparently immutable world of wealthy New York families.

Sep 10,  · Watch video · A tale of nineteenth-century New York high society in which a young lawyer falls in love with a woman separated from her husband, /10(42K).

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Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence. Traditions are one aspect that gravely affects the society. Even for the leaders of reforms, traditions have a powerful force to tear their dreams of change, and make them confine in the traditions no matter how oppressive they are (the mirror image, ).

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