An inside look at the southernmost african country south africa

Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhinoceros. Game Lodges and Bush Camps: South African Lodges are located within private game reserves, national parks and nature reserves.

An inside look at the southernmost african country south africa

Nevertheless, let us not fool ourselves, many of these rich and developed nations still have too many problems and still much to work on.

What is the Human Development Index?

An inside look at the southernmost african country south africa

The United Nations defines the Human Development Index HDI as an economic tool that measures indicators of achievement in key areas of human development: A disadvantage of this economic tool is that it only represents a small part of human development. It does not give a clear picture of income distribution, levels of poverty, human security and empowerment within a country.

Let us examine each one in greater detail, shall we? This value ranked it at out of countries and placed it in the medium development category. Citizens of Cape Verde are expected to live until they are 74 years old. The average person will go through Its economy which is said to the second largest in Africa after Nigeria is supported by the agricultural sector, industry sector and tertiary services sector, the latter being the main contributor.

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The average South African should go through 13 years of schooling and is expected to die at Fun facts about South Africa 8 — Egypt Did you know that it is possible to be in two places at once? Egypt is the country that is located on two continents: The economy of Egypt depends on media, agriculture, natural gas, and tourism.

At the end ofEgypt had a Human Development Index value of 0. This value allowed it to jump several spaces on the list of most developed nations to end up in the th position out of countries and territories. Categorized as a medium developed country, Egyptians are expected to live until they are The economic forecast of Gabon is not a rosy one as oil production is on a decline and reserves are expected to run out by Gabon is classified as a medium developed country with a Human Development Index value of 0.

It is ranked th out of countries and territories. The average Gabonese is expected to live until he is It is said to be one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world with a population of just over 2 million people. The economy of Botswana relies on mining, cattle, and tourism. Botswana has one of the fastest growth rates in per capita in the world and with sound fiscal policies, economists predict even more growth in the future.

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Which is right since this country has the largest diamond mine in the world. Botswana has a Human Development Index value of 0.South Africa is a country that is located in the southernmost part of Africa. The official name for the country is the Republic of South Africa.

South Africa has a population of 54,, people, making it the 25th most populous country in the world.

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Take A Look Inside the New Home of African Art. The Zeitz Museum of Modern Contemporary African Art (Zeitz MOCAA), which has opened in Cape Town, is the world's largest museum solely dedicated to.

Jan 20,  · After a long and sometimes violent struggle by the African National Congress and other anti-apartheid activists both inside and outside the country, the repeal of discriminatory laws began in South Africa boasts a huge collection of wildlife regions and game parks - both public and private - encompassing every possible landscape from deserts to forests, mountains to coasts, teeming with wildlife species - including Africa’s Big 5: Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhinoceros.

South Africa is situated in the southernmost part of the African continent. It has a territory of , square miles and is home to more than 55 million people.

Its borders include 1, miles of coastline on the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more. See world news photos and videos at

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