Between beauty and reality

A pure version of either of these positions seems implausible, for reasons we will examine, and many attempts have been made to split the difference or incorporate insights of both subjectivist and objectivist accounts.

Between beauty and reality

We have been taught that Satan opposes God out of hate. No where in the scriptures do you find this. The truth is that God and Satan are closer than we may imagine. Just like two enemies who are on opposing sides but yet they respect and know each other more than anyone else.

God and Satan actually have very similar intentions for the universe but where they differ is where they oppose. Satan is an enlightened being who understands love and hate.

The True Story Behind Beauty and the Beast

Love is the frequency of consciousness that unites, heals and brings wholeness. Hate is the frequency of consciousness that separates, hurts and brings disintegration.

Satan knows that love creates conditions of harmony, peace and happiness but hate creates conditions of chaos, death and suffering. An enlightened being knows that God is love. Satan loves God, but his original love has been twisted because his perspective was corrupted.

God loves his first creature that he created. Lucifer was the prime angel whose beauty was perfect and wisdom was so full. Although Lucifer turned against God later, God still loved him. God being a holy God has no choice but to cast Lucifer into the lake of fire, because God and sin cannot coexist.

God would have made a way for Lucifer to be spared but he knew that Lucifer would never change his mind until the very end of time. Christ and Lucifer were in perfect harmony in the beginning.

They enjoyed the closest fellowship and communion with each other. They co-ruled heaven together. He felt that Christ and himself should be equal because all beings are God. He questioned the hierarchy of the Elohim and decided to change it because he thought the trinity were wrong in perception.

Everything that Satan does is purely logical and nothing is irrational. He does not do anything out of hate, malice or fear. He may use such frequencies of consciousness to manipulate people to serve his higher purposes but everything he does is for a higher good that he believes in.

Because all concepts and possibilities exist in the mind of God, Lucifer drew from higher intelligence the possibility of changing the reality of heaven into one where sovereignty is open for all, and decided that he was called for it.

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This shows the infinite power of the mind. The truth is that higher intelligence did not call Lucifer to change the reality of heaven. The inspiration that he gotten from the universal consciousness was simply a reflection of his own thoughts.

Between beauty and reality

Therefore it is he himself that inspired himself using the process of subconscious computation of logical possibilities. This is how the work of evil is seemingly divinely inspired.

The divine reality was always perfect from the beginning, there was never a need for change. Everything he does is intentional and purposeful. He only uses negative emotions and intentions as a means to manipulate people. Satan is a master manipulator, just like God.

The attack on Israel and Christianity is purely strategic in the game plan that he is playing towards God. Their relationship is like two chess masters playing against each other to see if ultimately whose plan will be victorious.

When you have this perspective of Satan, you have peace and fearlessness towards him. In order to destroy thy enemy, you have to love thy enemy.Sep 21,  · Lifetime Brings the Beauty Industry to Television with a New Reality Show Barry Samaha Contributor i Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

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Between beauty and reality

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