Catching fire one pager

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Catching fire one pager

It is expected that the majority of spills at CCRI would result from a broken bottle or from leaking or mishandled drums. The following is the proper cleanup procedure for a minor incident, such as a slowly leaking drum or a small spill. Cleanup by CCRI personnel may only be attempted if a spill is minor, there is no danger from toxic or corrosive materials and if permission has been granted by the Chemical Safety Coordinator or other responsible person.

All participating personnel wear protective clothing appropriate for the material spilled, such as gloves, apron and chemical splash goggles. If any noxious fumes or odors are noted or if there is the suspicion of toxic gases or mists, no one may enter the area without wearing proper respiratory protection.

Respirators must not be worn except by persons previously examined by a physician, fit tested for a respirator and specifically trained in respirator use. The contaminated area is roped off or otherwise protected from unauthorized entry. Absorbent is spread around the leaking container in sufficient quantity to absorb and contain the leaking material.

The remaining contents of a leaking drum are transferred via a drum pump to a clean compatible empty 55 gallon drum drums have been set aside for this purpose.

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Absorbent or other cleanup materials is used to remove the remaining liquid. The spent absorbent medium must be placed into a DOT-approved open head steel or plastic drum, whichever is appropriate. The barrel must then be taken to a Main Accumulation Area for storage prior to off-site disposal by a licensed hazardous waste handler.

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Contaminated surfaces are cleaned with a non-toxic solvent or water-soluble cleaner and the contaminated cleaning supplies placed in the barrel with the bulk of the absorbed spill.

The Emergency Contact Persons remain at the spill scene until the cleanup operation has been completed. The Emergency Contact Persons then ensures that all spent material is properly secured for disposal and all used supplies are promptly replaced.

It is the responsibility of the Emergency Contact Persons to ensure that all wastes and cleanup supplies are placed in compatible containers for proper off-site disposal and that each container is properly labeled. Immediate care and medical attention is of utmost importance when dealing with the seriously injured.

The following steps are to be followed when dealing with a serious injury: The person reporting the injury must notify the Department of Security and Safety and Campus Police with information concerning the number of persons injured and extent of injury. If the area does not appear to be safe to enter fire, noxious fumesthis is also reported.

Eye Contact with Corrosives: If a corrosive contacts the eyes, immediately take the inured to the nearest eye wash station or other potable water supply. Position the person so copious amounts of water can be introduced into the eyes. The natural reflex action upon intrusion of water into the eye is to close the lids.

You may have to hold or force the injured person's eyelids open in order to get the water inside. Continue flushing for 15 minutes.

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When the injured is stable enough to maintain flushing on his own, immediately contact the Department of Security and Safety and Campus Police. Seek medical attention immediately. Skin Contact with Corrosives: Take the person to the nearest safety shower or other source of potable water.

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Catching fire one pager

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