Clinical psychology term papers

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Clinical psychology term papers

Download this Term Paper in word format. The psychologist in question did request that her name and her practice be excluded from being named within this report, but there is a bevy of great information that was gleaned during the interview and will be shared in this report.

She said she wanted to be very candid and felt she should not do so if her name or the name of her practice are in play. The student who wrote this report is asked to expand on what areas can be extended into by modern psychologists.

The psychologist does not see children as other psychologists and psychiatrists in the practice do that. The psychologist also only sees patients that willing seek help by reaching out to the practice for therapy and assistance.

The psychologist does cash-only treatments but also processes with insurance for several different national and regional providers.

The bulk of the time spent by the psychologist is used for counseling but there is always at least an initial period whereby the psychologist has to decipher and determine what disorder s could be in play.

Many times, the patient transitions from another psychologist but this psychologist always makes sure the right overall path seems to be underway so as to ensure that the right treatment plan is in place.

She remarked that many Clinical psychology term papers manifest themselves very similarly and this can lead to a feeling-out period, either initially or as time goes on, if certain treatments don't seem to be catching on.

There is also a question of dosage if medication is in play and whether the person is actively trying their best to assist themselves as that is an important part of the equation for anyone seeking or getting treatment.

The patient has to be willing to put in the work because medication is not a fix-all, although it certainly helps in many to most cases. Psychology Orientation As is consistent with her field and general daily tasks, the bulk of her training is in the field of diagnosing and treating people with anxiety, depression and obsessive disorders.

She said she chose to focus on all three collectively as they are very similar and often manifest themselves at the same time in the same patients. For example, very many people that have obsessive-compulsive disorder also have issues with anxiety, largely because one often feeds the other.

A person that is OCD often has anxiety issues because the OCD symptoms and challenges cause the person to become agitated based on the prevalence and length of "spells" and symptoms.

As such, she feels it's best for any patient treating any of those three classifications of disorder to at least be roughly familiar with all three as doing otherwise can lead to important flags and symptoms being missed. Length of Experience in Field The psychologist in question has been practicing roughly ten years and she started right after finishing school and getting licensed.

She has served in a number of different practices in the geographical area she serves. She has always been the part of a larger practice that couples licensed therapists with psychiatrists in the same office.

She says that is key for her because she cannot prescribe medication since she is not a medical doctor. If she were to a practice without a psychiatrist, whether it be because she was on her own or in a practice that was non-psychiatrists only, she would likely have to do a lot of referrals to specialists and she feels it is better to have a "one stop shop" for both therapy and medication management.

She says that psychiatrists generally just do the latter and leave the former to people like herself. In short, including school and her actual time as a psychologist, she has been involved in the field approaching two decades. Assessment Tools The psychologist interviewed told the author of this paper that she, like many psychiatrists and other counseling professionals such as therapists, counselors, etc.

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She had to obtain three different degrees, those being a bachelor's, graduate masters and then a doctorate from a total of two different well-known colleges. She has also become licensed by the state so that she is allowed to provide counseling and therapy sessions in the state.

Clinical psychology term papers

Ethical Dilemmas The psychologist in question perked up noticeably when this question was asked. She said that there are indeed a number of issues in her field that greatly involve ethics.

One such major ethical issue is when to draw the line between something that should be reported to relevant authorities and when she should just stand pat and provide the counseling without an external reaction. She said that while many think that psychologists are never allowed to cross the line, they most certainly are if there are people in danger and this is especially true of children.

Any admission of ongoing child abuse or other illegal activity generally has to be passed along to the authorities. The psychologist is quick to point out that many other doctors and counseling professionals think the opposite is true. She says there is something to be said of people that overblow and over-dramatize their situation, there are plenty of people out there that are hurting and are not getting help, for whatever reason.

She holds the view that the government and the industry can and should do more to address this issue because of the long-term implications it can and will have on society as well as the people themselves that suffer. However, she says it's a lot more difficult than it sometimes sounds due to the high-risting costs of health insurance and drugs in this country and there is only so much money to go around.Clinical psychology is an integration of science, The Psychological Clinic, where he coined the term "clinical psychology", defined as "the study of individuals, by observation or experimentation, with the intention of promoting change".

PowerPoint? presentation in which you compare and contrast the major approaches to clinical psychology?psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family systems?in relation to the selected disorder.

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In this paper a brief history of clinical psychology will be provided. This paper will also illuminate the evolution of nature of clinical psychology. This paper will also examine the role that research and statistics play in clinical psychology. CLINICAL JOURNAL.

Journal 4. Order Description. Students must submit all journals through the Assignment Tool The journal due dates are listed on the document titled, “Course Schedule.” and in . Examination of Clinical Psychology Running head: EXAMINATION OF CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Examination of Clinical Psychology University of Phoenix PST/ Karen Wilson Nov 14, Examination of Clinical Psychology Clinical psychology is a very important as well as popular part of the field of psychology that is used very often.

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