Editorial writing about election 2013 philippines

Marwan had been tagged as Osama Bin Laden of Southeast Asia for bombing incidents which were attributed to him by local authorities and the US.

Editorial writing about election 2013 philippines

Philippine senatorial elections Philippine senatorial elections are done via the plurality-at-large voting system: Senators who are currently serving their second consecutive term are term limitedalthough they may run again in Only half of the seats are up in every senatorial election.

They may even come other slates, and these guest candidates may not participate in electoral rallies by their adoptive party iesor may not cooperate at the Senate if elected. A coalition of different parties may be formed in cases where no party has the ability to complete a full ticket; a party may not include their entire slate on a coalition ticket.

editorial writing about election 2013 philippines

Independents may become guest candidates and be included in coalitions. While the Philippines is a multi-party systemparties tend to group themselves into two major coalitions in midterm elections Lakas-Laban vs NPC inPPC vs Puwersa ng Masa in ; sometimes a third, but weaker, coalition is formed.

This is opposed to senatorial elections in presidential election years where most presidential candidates also have senatorial slates. This results in an election where voters can choose between two major political forces.

Candidates are proclaimed senators-elect if the thirteenth place candidate no longer has a mathematical chance of surpassing that candidate.

Post-proclamation disputes are handled by the Senate Electoral Tribunal, a body composed of six senators and three justices from the Supreme Court.

These slates shared several candidates, although most of the shared candidates only campaigned with one slate. The Senate election resulted in a chamber where no party had more than four seats. Thus, most of the competing political forces in the election were united within the Senate for most of the 15th Congress.

The two parties were formerly partners in the United Opposition in the electionand Estrada and Binay were running mates during the presidential election. Gordon and Ernesto Maceda were a part of their ticket, and that Senator Loren Legarda would be one of the last three candidates yet to be named in their ticket.

Team PNoy The Liberal Party was open on creating coalitions or alliances with other parties for the election, as long as the politicians have the same principles as them.

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Secretary of Budget and Management Florencio Abad said on April 7, that it was too early to make conclusions. This meant there may be common names on both tickets.

The verdict in the impeachment of Renato Corona would affect their decision. Meanwhile, Representative Mark Villar of the Nacionalistas said that they will stay put with their coalition agreement with Liberals, and that most issues have already been resolved.

The three candidates were given instructions by the party leaders not to appear in the sorties of the rival coalition. Abaya also announced that Senator Franklin Drilon will serve as their campaign manager. He was also amenable on rejoining the Nacionalista Party ticket which included candidates from the Makabayan coalition in the electionor running on his own.

The six candidates of Makabayan would pursue a progressive agenda.Thursday's Editorial Archive Each Thursday’s Editorial is a weekly opinion article from the web. Questions asking students to explain their opinion or reaction are found below the article. Thursday's Editorial Archive. Each Thursday’s Editorial is a weekly opinion article from the web.

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EDITORIAL Itogon tragedy yet another wakeup call vs mining ills By The Manila Times. September 19, 0. The Senate has thoughtlessly and unnecessarily rushed the passage of Senate Bill to establish a “Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission.” We can understand the enthusiasm of the senators for the measure, which is.

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editorial writing about election 2013 philippines

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The first presidential election in which the presidency of the Philippines was at stake was in January 1, , when the Malolos Congress of the First Philippine Republic elected Aquinaldo as president.

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