Fresh direct operation strategy

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Fresh direct operation strategy

Supply chain innovation is important for companies of all sizes. It means looking at the way a company applies its assets, operating resources, and capabilities to develop new ways to satisfy customer needs, says Bill Read, Americas supply chain strategy leader, Accenture, Cleveland, Ohio.

While a small number of companies are implementing breakthrough or what Read calls "leapfrog" innovations, nearly every company today is looking to innovate in one way or another. And with good reason. Can we avoid having our products and services become commodities?

Some key areas of activity include the following: Some organizations have moved beyond talking about an adaptive supply chain to actually implementing one, putting in place the necessary technology, people, and global operating models.

This means companies will be operating with a global view of demand, "and a supply chain process enabled throughout the world to satisfy that demand," he explains. In fact, supply chain collaboration has increased dramatically over the past three years, according to a recent Accenture survey.

Breaking down silos and integrating functions helps companies develop creative solutions. In companies that excel at supply chain innovation, "supply chain managers and C-level executives usually have a good relationship," Langley says. It also usually links with the extended enterprise, such as key suppliers, customers, and channels.

IBM is one company clearly delivering innovation. The company recognizes that technology innovation on its own is not enough to achieve breakthrough results.

Instead, IBM makes innovation an integral part of its entire operation. IBM piloted the system with servers moving from Guadalajara into the United States, and is now expanding to servers shipping from Ireland. Measuring Results The new import system enables IBM to slash document delivery time from 15 days to 25 hours; reduce the time required to resolve classification errors from one day to two hours; and eliminate missing documents.

In addition, IBM and its import partners now have complete real-time visibility as goods move through the supply chain, from supplier to forwarder to customs broker to importer. The office also helps would-be innovators with resources and advice on how to take ideas to the next level, such as assembling a team, developing a plan, and securing a patent.

Harman-izing Inbound Shipments Challenge: Optimizing inbound shipments in China Innovation: Discovering a new strategic location "Innovation comes from being close to processes, looking ahead strategically, and developing and evaluating new ideas," says Lalit Panda, vice president of supply chain and information systems for Harman Consumer Group, a division of Harman International Industries, Woodbury, N.

Innovations require more than ideas.

Fresh direct operation strategy

You also need infrastructure in place to implement ideas properly. The company designs, manufactures, and markets high-fidelity audio products and electronics systems, the majority of which are produced in China.

In addition, China offers a growing consumer market for Harman products. The country will soon liberalize trade regulations, making it possible for foreign manufacturers to ship directly from their outsourced vendors to the Chinese market, avoiding export and re-import costs.

It is a strategic location, equidistant from three major ports in the Pearl River Delta," says Lalit. Consolidating inbound shipments in this free trade zone would allow Harman to move product through the ports of Yantian in eastern China and Shekou in western China, or through Hong Kong.Oct 08,  · According to our new strategy, the Group's Nordic Products and Services unit will from now on focus more strongly on products and services we want to sell in the Nordic market.

Jan 08,  · Summary of the Major Components of the Training Strategy. The FDA is striving for transparency as this multi-faceted training plan for the food industry, outlined below, takes shape. The paper analyses the current differentiation strategies in the fresh produce (fruit, vegetable, salad) industry in the light of the new procurement policies carried out by retailers at the global level.

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1. “Operations can make or break a business”. For an organization, operations include all the activities necessary for the fulfillment of customer requests, not just manufacture, also marketing, HRM, accounting, etc (Slack, Chambers and Johnston , p5). Through operations, business provide.

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