Fsync-ing the write ahead log in sync thread

The first and most obvious type of IO are pages reads and writes from the tablespaces. The pages are most often read one at a time, as 16KB random read operations. Writes to the tablespaces are also typically 16KB random operations, but they are done in batches. After every batch, fsync is called on the tablespace file handle.

Fsync-ing the write ahead log in sync thread

CompanionLink and DejaOffice are actually the same company. DejaOffice is an Android app and is free. They have a forum if you want to read more about how others have fared with the software.

So I actually have 2 calendars and 2 contacts on my Incredible. I use them when I need to quickly find something. DejaOffice is more sophisticated, but takes more clicks to find what I need no widgets.

I sync it with Outlook and use it to search my contacts or events. I also have all my alarms and reminders through DejaOffice.

Not by organization or last name. DejaContacts has many more sorting options.

Intersecting partitions If it is Linux Related and doesn't seem to fit in any other forum then this is the place. Notices Welcome to LinuxQuestions.
Pager modification question Purchase This document was originally created in early when SQLite version 2 was still in widespread use and was written to introduce the new concepts of SQLite version 3 to readers who were already familiar with SQLite version 2. But these days, most readers of this document have probably never seen SQLite version 2 and are only familiar with SQLite version 3.
News from the MySQL Server Team License Commit-level durability WiredTiger supports checkpoint durability by default, and optionally commit-level durability when logging is enabled. In most applications, commit-level durability impacts performance more than checkpoint durability; checkpoints offer basic operation durability across application or system failure without impacting performance although the creation of each checkpoint is a relatively heavy-weight operation.
Actual values in CKMLQS are not in sync with CKM3N values I was thinking that this would be useful in the context of a single process multiple threads and shared cache.
About Paweł Olchawa As I like numbers, slow is, for instance, 55 milliseconds against a small file with not so much writes, while the disk is idle. Slow means a few seconds when the disk is busy and there is some serious amount of data to flush.

Google doesn't use Categories, DejaCalendar does. With recurring events, Google doesn't treat changes to a single occurrence the same way as Outlook does. This can cause differences between Outlook and Android calendar after syncing.

I needed Notes and Tasks syncing too. It's much more powerful a tool than HTC Sync. Whatever sync program you use, make sure you backup your Outlook data. Trust me, it's really easy to screw it all up no matter what program you use if you have 2 way sync enabled.

For that reason I do not use 2 way sync at all. To be perfectly honest, Google and Microsoft do things a bit differently and if having perfect 2 way sync with Outlook and your mobile device is mission critical, Android might not be for you. Even the best solution will be a bit of compromise.

A Win 7 phone might be a better choice.Enable sync request processor in Observer (thawan, fpj) Sep 30, d ZOOKEEPER log harness information (phunt via mahadev) Show comments Copy path View file 15 src (" fsync-ing the write ahead log in " + Thread.

currentThread(). getName(). MiNiFi not connecting to Nifi Question by Roger Young Dec 07, at PM connection minifi minifi-yml Hi, im trying to set up a connection between MiNiFi running on a Pi to a NiFi server. Nov 23,  · I'm curious what the consensus is, if any, on use of fsync on ext3 filesystems with postgresql or later.

I did some recent performance tests demonstrating a 45%% performance improvement for simple inserts. Mar 24,  · SQL Server 6.x would keep writing the same log page over and over. SQL Server and later builds will flush each insert so sectors are used. Many customers have encountered this and needed to understand the new behavior.

Write-behind logging leverages fast, byte-addressable NVM to reduce the amount of data that the DBMS records in the log when a transaction modifies the database.

The reason why NVM enables a better logging protocol than WAL is three-fold. Please, pick another name.

fsync-ing the write ahead log in sync thread

I have programmed with POSIX threads in C and confusing the term "pthreads" with "PHP threads" is just bad for everyone involved.. It's like starting a new project called "named" that serves address cards. Bind's DNS server is called named btw.

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