Gingival epithesis

As a brand, this name stands for high-quality medical devices. For over 60 years, we have been developing silicones and light-curing resins for dental and other medical applications.

Gingival epithesis

Ho-fu Lui Evaluation of the color stability of materials used for removable gingival flange prostheses may provide information on their serviceability. This in vitro study compared the color stability, stain resistance, and water sorption of 4 materials commonly used for gingival flange prostheses.

Forty-five cylindrical disks 15 mm in diameter and 10 mm thick were fabricated out of 1 silicone Gingivamoll1 copolyamide Flexite Supremeand 2 heat-polymerized acrylic resins QC and Vertex.

Ten specimens of each material were evaluated by a spectrophotometer after 7, 14, 30, 60,and days of immersion in staining solutions of coffee and tea, whereas specimens placed in water and exposed to air, served as controls.


Color differences before staining and after storage periods were assessed. Another 5 specimens of each material were tested for water sorption after 56 days.

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All flange materials tested demonstrated color stability in air and water. However, the color changes of silicone and copolyamide materials stored in coffee solution for days were greater than 3 NBS National Bureau of Standards units, which would be characterized as appreciable and considered clinically unacceptable.The gingival epithesis is a type of prosthesis that satisfactorily reestablishes aesthetics and phonetics in patients who have lost bone height and result in a better quality of life.

Suggest Documents Abstract Fixed replacement of maxillary anterior teeth with an associated bony defect has challenged the restoring dentist with problems like weight of the prosthesis thereby leading to weakening of abutment teeth, difficulty in establishing smile line and mechanical stability.
XXth Congress of the European Association for ... An increasing number of physicians and researchers take advantage of smartphones or other mobile devices during their daily professional routine in order to facilitate the retrieval of medical information and to improve their patients' treatment. Mobile health apps have gained tremendous popularity; however, most of them are devoted to easing medical processes or to simplifying the patients' understanding of their diseases rather than providing a tool to actively screen patients with regard to the prevalence of a certain disease.
dental test by shula ltd - Issuu Figures 6 and 7 Flexible gingival veneer.
Dental Lab Product Guide This article presents non-surgical management of patients with gingival recession.

Patients with aggressive periodontitis present problems of rapid bone loss and consequently the appearance of “dark spaces” that generate aesthetic, phonetic.

Esthetic Mask Flexible gingival mask, A-silicone based, for the fabrication of master models and working casts in the dental technique, cold curing, high dimensional stability and tear strength.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Gingival epithesis is an easily made, inserted and hygienically cleaned appliance that provides a simple and safe alternative solution for cases in which surgical techniques are limited.

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Read more. Volume And Issue List Japanese jornal of Head and Neck Cancer. Coltène/Whaledent Gi-Mask Automix New Formula Gingival Mask Material Intro Set.

Gingival epithesis

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The Flexible Party Gums: An Esthetic Alternative for Lost Gingiva