Modified essay questions in psychiatry

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Modified essay questions in psychiatry

Posted on February 24, by Scott Alexander Attitude 1 says that patients know what they want but not necessarily how to get it, and psychiatrists are there to advise them. This is nice and straightforward and tends to make patients very happy.

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Attitude 2 says that people are complicated. This is not straightforward and requires some justification, so let me give a few cases where Attitude 2 seems to me obviously Modified essay questions in psychiatry.

Modified essay questions in psychiatry

A mother brings her 6 year old son to the doctor, complaining that he gets nauseous every morning. She wants the doctor to prescribe an anti-nausea pill.

The doctor probes further and finds the kid only gets nauseous on school days. In fact, he only gets nauseous on school days when he has a particular gym class. The doctor asks the kid if there are any problems in that gym class, and the kid is reluctant to say anything.

After a while, he finally admits there is a bully in that class. The mother calls the school, and the school takes care of the bully. After that the kid is no longer nauseous in the mornings.

A woman goes to a plastic surgeon asking him to fix her nose, which she insists is hideously deformed. The plastic surgeon thinks the nose looks perfectly normal and asks her to be cleared by a psychiatrist before surgery.

Modified essay questions in psychiatry

The psychiatrist diagnoses the woman with body dysmorphic disorder, a delusional belief that one of their body parts is unbearably ugly. He suggests she get psychotherapy instead. After several years of psychotherapy, the woman learns not to worry so much about her nose.

A woman goes to her doctor asking him how to taper off her birth control pills. The doctor is surprised at this request because he knows she is planning to break up with her boyfriend. The woman says that this is true, but she wants a child as a way to remember the relationship.

The doctor refers her to therapy for her anxiety, and she is able to sort through her conflicting feelings about leaving her boyfriend.

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She chooses to stay on her birth control. The doctor recommends therapy for OCD. The doctor knows him well, and remembers that he has been admitted five times in the past six months, each time after a life crisis, and that the patient has never actually attempted suicide and never even planned how he might do it.

The doctor suggests that the man is using the psych hospital as an emotional crutch, and that instead of threatening suicide and going to the hospital whenever he is upset, he needs to learn more adaptive coping mechanisms.

Attitude 1 would have been the wrong choice in these five situations. If the surgeon had just given the woman the nose job she wanted, she would have been dissatisfied with the surgery and wanted it changed again.

If the third doctor had just told the woman how to get off birth control like she wanted, she might have had a baby for the wrong reasons and regretted it later, leading to heartache all around. If the fourth doctor had just given the man an antipsychotic, he would have unnecessarily exposed him to a potentially life-long course of very strong medication.

If the fifth doctor had admitted the man to the hospital, he would be using up scarce resources and discouraging the man from learning better coping strategies.Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

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Silver “I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America. The Editorial Committee of Australasian Psychiatry hopes to engage trainees by providing practice Modified Essay Questions (MEQ) and providing some guidance as to how best to answer these questions. These questions also serve as a good refresher for established clinicians.

The practice question. The Editorial Committee of Australasian Psychiatry hopes to engage trainees by providing practice Modified Essay Questions (MEQ) and providing some guidance as to how best to answer these questions.

Modified Essay Questions (MEQ’s) have become more challenging in recent exams, as they are marked at the level of Junior Consultant. It would of benefit to have completed the core mandatory college rotations such as CL .

The archetype of interactive natural language interfaces was a program called ELIZA written by Joseph Weizenbaum in the mids. The idea of the program was to engage a human in a conversation that appeared to be with a human, instead of with a computer.

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