Omi and hooks

Plot[ edit ] Four individuals, from different walks of life, meet on a train destined towards Mumbai. They immediately become friends as they are alone, and only Jai has someone to live with. Bobby dreams of becoming an Actor like Amitabh Bachchan. Omi needs to get back some money from a person who borrowed it from his father.

Omi and hooks

A girl Omi and hooks a shoulder wedgie in her yellow and animal print thong making her get a wedgie from all sides. There are uncountable variations of the regular wedgie, and this is a list of a few. The victim's underwear is pulled up from all sides.

Usually performed by at least two people. As seen in the picture. Arm-Leg Connection One person pulls near their leg while one pulls on their legs. Ass-Taste Wedgie If the Victim is a thong wearer, yank the thong until it rips make sure that it rips right between the butt cheeks, this will guarantee the taste.

After that is done you have to yank the broken thong over the Victims head an shove the piece from between the butt cheeks into the victims mouth. The victim's underwear is pulled up so that it goes over the victim's head or is completely ripped off.

If over the head, the waistband can be hooked over the nose or in the mouth adding insult to injury the victim will be blinded by their underwear and forced to taste it. A wedgie where the victim has their underwear on backwards.

The victim is wedgied with no pants on so their butt is completely exposed. Then water is shot directly at their butt, usually by a hose or water gun. Bra Connection Wedgie Always on a Girl: Give the girl a wedgie, unhook her bra and rehook it through the leg holes of her underwear.

The victim is given a hanging wedgie then bounced around by it ideally done on a trampoline, bouncy castle, or if the victim is on a space hopper; even when the victim is on a bed will help slightly. When the victim is sitting in a chair with a back, give the victim a wedgie.

Omi and hooks

Once the underwear is high enough hook it over the top of the back of the chair. Stand behind your victim and hold onto their underwear, then have someone come up behind you and hold your underwear.

Pants the victim, bind their hands, and give them a wedgie. Once their butt is fully exposed, lift them onto a copy machine and start making copies of their butt. For added humiliation write the victim's name across their butt cheeks.

A wedgie from a crane. The victim is given a wedgie with their feet just barely touching the ground. When the victim is on the ground, grab their underwear and run.

Have someone hold the victim down, then grab their underwear, go into the elevator and go up. A wedgie in the front Front and Back Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie from the front and back at the same time. Not so much a type of wedgie but more of a method.

This is when there is more than one person wedging the victim at any given time. A gang wedgie can include any type of wedgie hanging, atomic, messy, ect as long as there is at least a 2: A wedgie where the victim is high off the ground. The victim is given a dragging wedgie, but across the surface of water.

Omi and hooks

The victim is given a wedgie with their feet pulled through the legholes of their underwear. Jock lock wedgie Messy Wedgie: Messy ingredients are placed in the victim's underwear i. Messy wedgie with whipped cream No Pants Wedgie: The victim is given a wedgie with no pants on, exposing their bare butt.

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