Rear projection material

Because no matter whether you are buying a brand new projection screen or you are making your own. One element is paramount: Stretchable and none-stretchable ones Most surfaces are non-stretchable. They are most often used in manual projection screens, but are also very common in electric projection screens.

Rear projection material

Designed for use with standard video projectors to render stunning "floating hologram" stage effects or digital signage on windows. Thin and flexible, the clear film screen comes with an invisible self-adhesive layer, making it easy to attach to glass or acrylic.

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Optionally, you can disregard the adhesive layer and apply the film by other means. We custom cut the film to the size you specify. Rear projection material minimum order is 3 linear feet. Allow about 3 to 5 business days in addition to transit time.

Purchase is non-returnable, non-refundable. Holographic Projection — Clear, Crisp, Creative The IntegraFX holographic rear projection screen is a clear optical film that can display exceptionally bright, crisp video and images projected from behind by a standard video projector, especially in environments with low ambient light.

The film is lightweight, flexible, no thicker than a strand of human hair micronsand can be easily cut to any size or shape. Create stage effects with off-axis, rear projection on to the clear, see-through IntegraFX screen.

Holographic rear projection can be used in various ambient light conditions. Create a holographic ghost effect by projecting a video onto the IntegraFX film.

Rear projection material

The level of brightness required by your projector measured in lumens depends primarily on the ambient light conditions, the distance between the projector and the screen throw distancethe width of your overall screen set up. For example, lumens from a portable projector may be sufficient to create a holographic ghost in a dark room with short throw distance, while or more lumens may be required for larger stage effects or display digital signage on indoor windows in a shopping mall or office.

The holographic rear projection film works best in environments with low ambient light, and is not suitable for bright environments outdoor facing windows in broad daylight.

Now Shipping! View gallery - 4 images June 12, Totally transparent projection screens can now become part of interior architecture with the invention of a rear projection screen that looks simply like a piece of glass when it's not in use, producing crystal clear images that appear to be floating in the air. The CristalLine glass and acrylic screens come in flat sheets that can be cut, bent, folded and shaped to produce unique projection media that will no doubt be popular in retail, corporate and trade show applications, not to mention the awesome stage effects they could help create.
Professional Projector Screens - Rigid Material Frame Systems - Glass The films are available in 3 formats:
You're in Projector Accessories Spandex just acts as a diffusion material. Optical materials are something you would want to be more selective of.
rear projection screen material 9 | eBay Our years of experience has given us the tools to develop solutions for today and look ahead at what solutions will be needed.
You Might Also Like Since light must pass through a physical barrier, you must use a projector with a higher lumens output in order for the audience to see a bright and clear picture. If you are considering a rear projection setup, please keep in mind that you will need ample backstage room so you and your staff can walk behind the projector.

For the best viewing experience, position the projector off-axis from above or below the screen so it does not shine directly into the eyes of the viewer. Doing so will of course result in the trapezoidal "keystone effect"—where the image appears wider at the bottom or top edge opposite to the projector.

To counter this effect, many projectors include keystone correction or optical lens shift features.The components of a rear projection screen are fairly easy to find. With the rights tools and equipment, the screen can be made in no time. With the rights tools . Jul 03,  · Optical rear projection materials are considerably more expensive with 3M Vikuiti being the highest: Dealer cost (obtained in ) for Vikuiti was an average of $34 per linear inch of a 48" width roll.

Projection screens can be classified into either front or rear projection and are chosen depending on individual needs. The table below shows the advantages and disadvantages of each type of screen. Seamless* projection screen material for front or rear projection. Screens can also be welded and finished in custom sizes and shapes to your specifications.

Finish includes grommets on 12" centers, vertical seams, finished sides and a bottom pipe pocket and/or skirt. Projection Screen Fabric, Projection Screen, White Rear Projection Screen manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Fireproof and Outdoor Projection Screen Rear Projection Screen Material, Durable Laminated PVC Swimming Pool Cover Fabric, PVC Swimming Pool Cover for Outdoor or .

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Acrylic Rear Projection Screens Formulated with Diffusion Screen Technology. Traditionally most people think of projection screens as being white and fabric, but the industry has seen a tremendous amount of changes in the last decade. Rigid projection screens are now made out of acrylic and have technology embedded in the screen during the.

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