Solid desiccant cooling system

These systems are used in applications where the latent heat load is too high i.

Solid desiccant cooling system

FlexAir Series comes from plant having over 10 years' experience in making two stream systems. Casing Air Leakage The casing air leakage is of prime importance in two tier systems i. Assured problem free operations even under tough circumstances as a result of solid construction with tight sealing between supply and exhaust air ensures minimal leakage.

Very Low Pressure drops All functions like coils, heat exchangers etc. Easy to Maintain Fan Assembly Fan assembly slides out for servicing. Saves time and money! Reliable solid transmission construction saves belts and bearing. High Quality Standardised filters Deep folded bag filters with big filter areas and good sealing.

The good tightness ensures clean air supply to the room is of high quality. Uniquely Designed Connection system The unique design makes it possible for the assembler to choose from two different ways of connection when he assembles the unit in the machine room.

More Model Options The new design allows for several functions to be placed in the same casing. The FlexAir series has a wider range to cover the flow range better making it possible for you to easily select the right unit with the lowest LCC.

Molecular sieve coated Heat Wheels Almost no cross contamination. Ideal for tropical climates where latent loads are times the sensible load.

Solid desiccant cooling system

Total energy recovery, recovers both latent and sensible energy. Specially, adjustable purge section rules out cross contamination of air stream less than 0. Special labyrinth sealing arrangement ensure no cross leakage of air stream between the supply and exhaust section.

In one section, the stale, conditioned air is passed through the wheel, and exhausted in the atmosphere. Thus, you can have more fresh Air at lower humidity levels and energy costs inside your conditioned space.

All other conditioned spaces. Check with us for details.A desiccant is a substance, either solid or liquid, which absorbs water molecules from air and dehumidifies it.

The desiccant, initially used to absorb moisture from the air, is later regenerated by heating the desiccant so that it releases the absorbed moisture. The ARID-Dry mobile large-capacity desiccant dehumidifiers are used in a variety of industries, including water damage and remediation, document drying, industrial surface preparation for coating, mold and fungus prevention, long-term lay-up of industrial equipment, and industrial condensation prevention.

An evaporative cooler (also swamp cooler, swamp box, desert cooler and wet air cooler) is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling differs from typical air conditioning systems, which use vapor-compression or absorption refrigeration cycles.

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Evaporative cooling uses the fact that water will absorb a relatively large amount of heat in order to evaporate. Dehumidification Systems Humidity Control Systems Ltd is a member of the SG-DST AB worldwide group of companies; specialists in design and manufacture of desiccant dehumidifiers and industrial dehumidification systems.

Solid desiccant cooling system

Established in UK in , we aim to promote the same core business values that make SG-DST a world leader in desiccant dehumidifier technology. How Cooling Towers Work - Applications. Cooling Towers are used in many commercial and industrial applications to cool condenser water from a chiller where the chiller provides cold water for a chilled water system..

The chiller, using the process of refrigeration, absorbs heat from the chilled water side of the loop and transfers the heat to the condenser water. Compared with conventional vapor compression system, solid desiccant evaporative cooling system can control both temperature and humidity.

These systems are mainly powered by thermal energy and the used refrigerant is a natural working fluid.

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